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Cave System or Ear Canal, Soloway
November 10–December 22, 2013

Ear Canal / Matisse’s Metronome / Interior, Exterior, and The Fold / Oscillation / Triplets / The Secret Life of Plants / Graphite / Plant as Monument / Duration, Rhythm, Speed / Light, Time, Temperature / Cucoloris / Axial Rotation / Incremental Difference, Minimal Difference / Denaturalization / Chromatic Presence / Aura Management / Pink Panther Opening Credits / The Chiasm (Merleau-Ponty) / Body Gesture, Body Image, Ghost Body / Cave System

One of the concerns of this show is the difficulty of defining entities: If every entity is in a state of continuous change, how can an entity ever, like the meaning of a phrase, arrive in a state of completeness? How can we recognize when the true flower arrives if it is always somewhere between seed and dust? Or, how can I speak fully as myself when I am always changing?

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